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      My Hello Sixty Slider (the big pictures) don’t move automatically. In looking at your demo, it doesn’t either. Isn’t there supposed to be an automatic slider?

      Also, in trying to install Hello Sixty Iphone, Magento throws an fatal error on line 45. Cannot get any of the Iphone themes to install.



      No, the slider of helloSixty is not an automatic slider, the theme was design with this static slider. You can change to it, but you will have to correct the arrow that will not move with the green boxes, go to: skin/frontend/default/hellosixty/js/custom.js

      Line 6: change timeout:0, to timeout:2000, (or the value of your choice)

      Regarding the iPhone themes, take a look at our tutorial: Try to remove the iPhone theme files and set up it again.-



      Ok, I fixed the timeout and now they move like you said, and the arrow stays set. You say that I will “have to correct the arrow.” How do you accomplish that? Is there a simple way to just REMOVE the arrow. I was hoping it was a simple as replacing a graphic with just a blank graphic, but I don’t see where there is an arrow located. Of it is a change of code, it would be nice to know what to change.

      As for the iphone themes, you didn’t read the question. My question is regarding the INSTALLATION of them, not configuration. Someone needs to take a look at your website, and make things uniform… in one place it says to do install through your installer. In another place, it says, don’t do that – it doesn’t work. Never really states what needs to be done in the meantime. All in all it, it just leaves you hanging.

      PS – it would be nice if your support area would send an email when a support question has been answered. It’s a pain to have to log on several times a day to see if it has been answered.



      To remove the arrow: skin/frontend/default/hellosixty/css/styles.css

      Line 304, add display:none;

      #slide .arrow{background: url(“../images/arrow-thumbs.png”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;height: 19px;position: absolute;top: 327px;width: 34px;left: 72px;z-index: 20;z-index: 9999;}

      Regarding iPhone themes:

      “in one place it says to do install through your installer. In another place, it says, don’t do that – it doesn’t work” You might read posts were we said that, because it wasn’t working in that time!. Now HelloUpload is working, but only for the themes it specifies. iPhone themes are not available for now.

      We will implement a new support system in the next days. The support will be given as support tickets.-



      Thank you, that worked perfectly to remove the arrow.



      Great! :lol:

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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