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      I don’t know if it’s my fault but I don’t know how this theme works :)

      First, I’m using Magento 1.4.1 .. in the support forum I read that the themes maybe not compatible, so I don’t know if HelloMini is compatible.

      What’s wrong?

      1. The first time I setup HelloMini .. the installation goes fine .. so I checked the theme how it works and made my multilanguage butto´ns and tried out … OK it runs :)

      2. After a while, I didn’t realize it in the beginning, the product description is not shown, the attributs are not shown … compare to the HelloMini Demo Theme … my site look a littlebit different (dindn’t chage any CSS etc.) .. it looks, that the price / short description in the right side are moved more to the right than in the demo theme… activating the magento default theme .. product description/attributs etc are shown, hmmm?

      3. I made a new test … setup Magento 1.4.1 with sample data, installed HelloExtensions, setup HelloMini .. ooopppsss … I get a blank front page .. ok .. loking in the admin panel .. chenking the pages .. what’s that? The layouts are gone?

      4. Next test … setting up magento blank … installing HelloMini … also .. blank frontpage / in the admin panel / pages / layout … are gone.

      My questions are:

      1. So why I could setup HelloMini the first time without any problems and now I get blank pages?
      2. Why is the product description not shown? Why does HelloMini looks different then on the demopage? It does not look totally dofferent .. it looks a little bit different (bad I cannot upload screenshot .. so you could see it)
      3. Am I a looser or am I a jinx :)

      Conclusion … I like this theme but I would like it more if it would run like on the demo page :)

      SO .. PLEASE HELP :)



      Hi Marina, all our themes are updated to the latest magento version (1.4.1). Don´t warry, may be it´s some configuration of the theme you are missing, because as you said before the demo works properly. Can you please tell us your url?, also woud be better if you can try to removed the theme and install it again, make sure to remove it properly.-



      Hi Supportteam,

      I know now the problem with the Hellomini theme.
      I use the extension of MageWorx (File Downloads and Product Attachements) >>

      This extension kills the hellomini theme. If this extension is active, the product description tab gones and some other problems.

      This extension runs under default team very fine but I’m not a designer I don’t know how to solve this problem I need this extension.

      Can you check this out please … I also have written to mageworx support. Thanks



      I’ve another question .. I’ve bought the hellocanvas_iphone theme. It runs very fine .. but one problem.
      How can the helloslide in in hellomini theme automatically be deactivated when the iphone theme switches?

      best regards



      Hello Marina, if you read the Support Policy, you will notice that we don´t answer “How do i…?” questions. I´m sure other customers will be more than glad to assist you if they know what you are asking. Thanks!!.-



      Hi Guillermo,

      1. HelloMini and HelloCanvas_Iphone was developped by you
      2. It was a simple question how to disable HelloSlide when iphone_Theme is active
      3. I’ve paid for both of them, and I think a simple answer would be enough instead of telling me about the support policy.

      When I buy a phone and I don’t know how to disable ore enable a function, I have the alternative to read the manual – does your theme or extension have a manual? NO!

      So, if I have a manual but I cannot find the section, I’ve the alternative to call the customer support and I’m sure they will help me. Do you have an custommer support service? -NO

      So the third alternative is to use the support forum, to find a solution … and when I cannot find the solution so I’ve the alternative to ask the developpers.

      I didn’t ask a general question about magento, I asked a question about your developped theme / extension .. and you tell me about support policy? ARE YOU NUTS?

      OK, I’ll try my luck on magento support … and I’m sure I’ll refer to your support policy and to your support service on every time when I ask someone. THAT MY CUSTOMER POLICY!!

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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