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    I just bought helloGlam and helloCanvas themes. I installed a brand new and clean Magento on MAMP on my computer. I am able to run on all themes (modern, helloCanvas, ...) except for helloGlam: the homepage loads blank.

    I also found some strange things among the downloaded .zip:

    - Inside staticblock folder: there is a strange "helloslide.txt-" and a "helloslide.txt".
    - The content of these two files is different, and different from the content on the instructions-HelloGlam.pdf
    - Inside staticblock folder there is a file called "quickLinks.txt", which is not documented on the instructions-HelloGlam.pdf

    Please, what am I doing wrong? Are the files on the .zip ok?

    By the way, trying to install through helloUpload extension did not work: blank page on submitting .zip file.