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      need to draw the following questions, one installed and my theme template monster, to install it I had to send a file to my database, is working perfectly, now I wanted a theme for iphone, bought hellocurl_iphone, FTP, not replaced anything, all I setup in system> Configuration> general> theme> EXCEPTION ………. but do not appear iphone …… looked like this:

      iphone | ipod hellocurl_iphone

      please what is missing …. I do Detale came a thumbs data base file called file I did not do anything with this file because even the tutorial does not say anything about it, I do not know if I have to create a vision, a new website I do not know how to look like this:

      open on computers that use a theme template monster


      to open the iphone theme hellocrul_iphone

      need urgent help my site is:



      Hi, please submit a Support Ticket, we are not giving support tin the forum anymore.

      To install an iPhone theme, you have to add the theme folders in the same place as you do with a regular magento theme, then add the exception in the fields like is shown:

      Theme Installation video-tutorial:

      Submit a ticket if you still can’t get the iphone theme working.





      VERY new to WordPress. Using this theme for my webpage and I love it BUT I need to add my conpamy logo where the name of the site shows up in the top header. I don’t really know anything about CSS or coding. Sounds like people in prior posts have tried but are having issues.Any help you can provide to do this would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully you have an updated version with this and a custom header image coming soon! Thanks.



      yAqPGe azuayjylvydd

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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