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      I’ve probably not done something correctly, but the header links by default and the headerlinks static block from hello jynx are setup on top of the other.. like this:

      Our Services Our Works About Us
      Contact Us Register Login

      instead of in a single line. If you could point me to where I can edit that I would greatly appreciate it.


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      Hello Hasan,
      Can you give me the url?
      Please look at style.css (line 394). Have you this code?

      Check your CMS – Block. Maybe you have tag.

      Best regards




      I had the same issue, what I’ve done (by accident) is commented the code in style.css (line 394) and it worked…

      Hope this has helped.



      Hi Khalid, thanks for posting your fix!.




      I just performed a new installation of Magento and a new installation of HelloJynxx. I am getting the same header formatting issue as described in this thread..

      My style.css code for line 393 through line 395 are as follows. Please advise where the error is occuring?

      /* Header Links */
      .bottom-header{float:left; width:auto; text-align:left; padding-top:10px;}
      .bottom-header a{float:left; width:auto; padding-right: 20px; padding-bottom:4px; font-size:12px;}

      My CMS Block HTML Code is as follows:

      <p>Our Services Our Work About Us</p>



      Hello Norm, your code is correct, you shouldn’t have any issues. Send us your link to check this.




      Sure.. The link is

      I notice there is also a difference in the way IE is rendering this line versus the way firefox is rendering this line….



      Your issue is not of the theme, but you can correct it removing float: left from .bottom-header {



      Thank you!! That worked….

      What change should I make to these lines of code to move the entire line down slightly?

      What change should I make to these lines of code to move the entire line to the right slightly?

    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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