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      First of all, I do not understand why support message needs to go here since you tend to send email to users with the answers.

      But here goes,

      1. Google Analytics. I see others also experience this problems. Please provice a solution on this matter.

      2. I am having some problems with my zoom button. I have installed HelloClean on a 1.5 so this may be the problem but everything else is working, so give it a shot and hope you can tell me what’s wrong.

      3. Shop by enabling. I asked prior to buying the theme about enabling the shop by product browser, can you give a simple instruction what file and what line to add?

      shop name im working with is



      Regarding #2, my helloclean had px 160 set on height and with in style.css.

      .product-image img {display:block;overflow:hidden;width:160px;height:160px;}

      removed that, and then that was solved.



      To enable the shop by column when you click a category you should:
      Already have attributes assigned to each product.
      When you create a category, enable “Is Anchor” to YES.



      First, we answer our clients quest. here and in the support e-mail.

      1. If you follow this link: at letter, google analytics will work correclty, we test this in all of our themes and it works.

      2. Our themes are not compatible with 1.5, so…don’t use 1.5

      3. Assign attributes to each product, then you must select the category as “Is Anchor: YES”.-



      Thank you for your swift answer.

      1. I have done like the instructions.

      On every page listed there I added this: <?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘after_body_start’) ?>

      but it only states its should be in the beginning of the body, anywhere particular or do anyplace do?

      Also in the page file i added so now it is like this:

      <layout version=”0.1.0″>
      Default layout, loads most of the pages

      <block type=”core/text_list” name=”after_body_start” as=”after_body_start”/>
      <block type=”page/html” name=”root” output=”toHtml” template=”page/2columns-left.phtml”>………..and so on..

      3. Ok.

      thanks again for reply.




      Roy, does the Analytics work for you now?



      No, still not working.Not sure what to do now acutally.



      Any help on the Analytics please?
      Maybe send an email to support and take a look at the specific site with FTP info?



      Try this: add the code below immediately before the </body> tag of each page you are planning to track, of course you’ll need to update the “xxxx-x” in the sample below with your own Google Analytics account number found in your personalized Google Analytics Tracking Code.

      For configuration in your Admin panel, this may help you:

      Let me know if this helped you.-



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      Also you might try SavvyCube connector for Magento stores.



      The extension is free, the saas is paid, though. But still very affordable, check their plans.

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