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      Hello again,

      on our Homepage (Start Page) the Price of a bundled Product is always 0,- … but in normal Product listing it’s ok, with 100,-. How can I solve that?? It’s a real Problem. I looked all Files … list.phtml is identity with list-homepage.phtml … Have a look at … Shot Contact Product is 0,-, if you search the Article it shows right, in Grid view also …!!

      The Price on Homepage start is the “price as configured” but that’s the wrong …



      Where’s the Support?? None?



      We are taking care of this issue, please allow us time to solve it.-



      Have you found a Solution??



      Not yet, sorry. We are trying to figure out what it’s the reason of this issue.
      Thanks for your patience.-



      Did you got a Solution??? That’s a real big big Problem. You cannot sell a Buggy Template!! Or can you?



      Please don’t be disrespectful, we couldn’t find a solution, neither a lot of people with the same issue, we have search in magentocommerce site and consult this directly to magento developers, but no one have the fix for this:

      We will keep searching for a fix.-

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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