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      Does anybody know how to get the featured categories working? I’ve uploaded images and descriptions to the root and all subcategories. I also added the static block with same title, but nothing shows up. (I’ve cache off and Magento CE 1.5.1)



      Check if you are using the correct category number (the one from the subcat) and turn of stockmanagement for now. Should work. For me its working

      zou moeten werken :-)



      Hello Pim, the Featured Categories block, only displays the root categories, not the sub-categories, check the demo to see what i mean.

      If your categories are not displaying in the homepage, be sure of 2 things:

      1) In your homepage configurations (in your Admin-panel), “Layout” option must be “Homepage”.
      Add the homepage content of our instructions:
      Don’t modify any other setting that is not specified in our instructions.

      2) I know you did, but check if the static block of “featured categories” is correctly added.
      Identifier: featuredCategoriesHome

      Let us know.-



      Did all of the above allready before, except the categorie # from Roy, where do you put that? Waar kan ik dat invullen? ;)
      Anyways, I got it working by creating a new rootcategory and moving my categories up there… Don’t know why and don’t care anymore! :P



      Ok, great to know that!, don’t need to add any category number/ID for this feature.
      Surely it was due the default Root Category that comes with Magento, that category must remain untouched, and you have to add your categories as “sub-categories” of it.




      Is there a way to get this to work with sub-categories? I don’t want all my categories in the header bar. I just want a main “Shop” category in the header nav bar and then my main categories will extend below that. It’s these sub-categories that I’d like to appear at the bottom of the main page.



      Should I post a new topic for this?



      HiThanks for your reply about the category icons. I know what to do now The other thing i wtnead to ask was about the category navigation hack. if you visit my site, you can see that the category showing in the nav bar. The only problem im facing tough is when click for instance table tennis news it also shows items from another category. In other words how do i make each categories to show only specific posts ?Thanks PaulPs: what do you think of my site so far ?



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    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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