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      I am having a problem with both the Sleek and Jynxx themes with a lot of extra line breaks, especially near tables and images at the bottom of my product descriptions. This does not happen with the Magento default modern theme.

      Here are some examples:

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



      Hi Kevin, I cheked the images on your store and i saw only one that appears to be shorter than the “box” where the image has to be. If you chek our demos you will see they are working properly, the “width” of the box is of 302px, may be you will have to modify the size of the image.
      Hope that helps, thank you.





      i also have a problem with extra line breaks with Magento

      the product description html-code:

      the theme changes and displays the description in the front end like this:

      the <br>-tag ist not inserted if i change to default theme

      i hope u can help me to solve that problem.
      many thanks.



      Hi Jürgen, find that file and remove the brake-line (br). If you coudnt, tell us your url and we will see what happens. Thanks.-




      this is in every product description.
      To form the code this way works fine, although the br-tag still is inserted.

      the frontend-code is:

      but linebrakes are not visible.

      The shop goes online in a few days. I’ll give you the url when its ready.



      All right!, we will check it.





      the url ist

      user: jm
      pw: guessguess

      this product description demonstrates the problem:

      it should look like this (here the /li and li is at the beginning of each line) :

      another problem is, if the product title is too long, or if there are many subcategories,
      the menu (My Account, My Wishlist,..) is pulled down.
      is it possible to automatically replace the name of some subcategories by /…/ if there is no space to display them all? like this:
      Home/../Living Room/Magento Red Furniture Set

      Thank you.

      Regards, Jürgen



      Hi Jurgen, the brakelines (br) are not an issue of the theme, you can easly remove it, in your admin, go to: Catalog, Manage Products, select the product, then go to Descriptions, edit the “content” and remove the br .-




      i installed a Test-Shop with 2 different store views on
      user: jm
      pw: guessguess

      u can see, that the theme not publishes the html code as it is saved in the backend.

      To check the HTML-code by ourself you can log in on
      user: hellotest
      pw: hellotest1

      even this code is displayed with br-tags.

      Thank you for taking a took at that.




      problem solved.

      in the file description.phtml
      in /app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/template/catalog/product/view

      line 34
      <?php echo $this->helper('catalog/output')->productAttribute($this->getProduct(), nl2br($this->getProduct()->getDescription()), 'description') ?>

      replaced with
      <?php echo $this->helper('catalog/output')->productAttribute($this->getProduct(), $this->getProduct()->getDescription(), 'description') ?>




      All right!!, thank you Jürgen.




      i have the same problem, with nl2br the descriptionis showing fine but the bullets list are showgin separated with an line break! if i take out the nl2br all the line breaks are gone! anybody can help? im working on hellopress
      thank you




      this is working for me when deleting the nl2br line breaks are gone! but all of them! so in back end my product description is showing fine but in front end all breaks are gonne! so no separation in between paragraphs… how can i solve this?



      I was having the same issue and gtietng a your shopping cart is empty message using Magento have tried all the above and other instructions posted in other sites, but what really worked for me was:System>Index ManagementSelect All and Reindex DataHope it helps!



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