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      HI –

      Two days ago on a different post I asked about the HelloUpload Theme Extensions not working and here is the response I got:

      OfflineHellothemes Support
      Hi, we are updating all the extensions, we will post them in a cuple of days, thanks!.-


      1. Are these extensions updated YET? How DO I know to try again so I am not wasting time on this?

      2. Is it possible in the same Magento installation to install 2 themes – I installed them manually because of point #1, and when I tried to switch between themes on the same site, the site ends up with pieces are parts of another theme?




      Hi Skeeter, 1) if you read our “notification” in the header of this site, you will notice what are we doing with the extensions.
      2) yes, it is possible. But for each theme you have to create a different “web site”, in: system, manage stores.

      Good bye.-



      Hi Guillermo,

      Thanks for your response

      OK – I see where to look for updates – thx for pointing that out

      Great thx for helping me with Magento question




      You are wellcome, we are finishing the extensions, thanks.-

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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