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      I installed the Tonic template and everything looks OK in Firefox and Chrome. But in Internet Explorer it’s all messed up…

      We didn’t do any modifications, it’s the standard template that we installed.

      Any idea what went wrong???
      I took a screenshot to show what we see

      On the hellothemes demo site, the template is OK.

      PLS HELP… I already opened a support ticket, but after a week its still pending…



      OK little update off the problem

      We see that the slider shows our product image to large. Due to the largness off this picture, we think the issue in IE9 is created.

      In the demo (right side of the example pic) you see a product image of a telephone. This image is 1100*1100 px and is nicely shown in the slide. On our website the product is enlarged and half visible, because the product image must show a complete PC case. Our product image is only 600*600px.

      Why are the product images shown as that, and not as on the demo website of hello themes???
      any one an idea??



      Good luck getting any support on these forums



      I know this problem. It is the HotTitle-Bar. I think you disabled that in your theme?

      You can fix this with CSS. I think. ;-)



      indeed it is the hot title bar, when it is disabled the problem is their. When the text in the bar is to short the problem is their…

      Any idea what to remove to fix it in css??




      Marketing Overload There is a WYSIWYG theme editor pliugn for Dreamweaver called ThemeDreamer for WordPress. If you don’t have it, you’re only getting half the picture! do a google search on ThemeDreamer and see the screenshots for before/afters



      midriJ fbafsmjzxefw

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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