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      Hi there! We are having an issue when someone try to buy using the iPhone version. It’s just when the customer is filling the form, going to the third step. It appears an error:

      <span translate=”[{shown:'"Street Address" is a required value.',translated:'"%s" is a required value.',original:'"%s" is a required value.',location:'Text',scope:'Mage_Customer'}]“>”Street Address” is a required value.</span>
      <span translate=”[{shown:'"Street Address" length must be equal to or greater than 1 characters.',translated:'"%s" length must be equal to or greater than %s characters.',original:'"%s" length must be equal to or greater than %s characters.',location:'Text',scope:'Mage_Customer'}]“>”Street Address” length must be equal to or greater than 1 characters.</span>

      It’s like there are not filled some fields, but we have checked it several times and provide data to all the fields. It runs like a charm in the web version. Any clue? Thanks in advance.



      Hi there, we are checking this, please allow us time, thanks.-



      Thank you so much. If you are also experiencing this, it means that it’s not something i did wrong ;)

      I’ll be expecting. Bye,



      Hi Julio, to fix this, go to: app/design/frontend/default/hellokids_iphone/template and comment the folder checkout (like this: __checkout)

      Kind regards.-



      Thank you so much! It seems to work, but it seems like the template get a little bit uncluttered..



      Uncluttered?, checking now…



      Hi, yes, we have found a better way to solve this. Comment only billing.phtml in /app/design/frontend/default/hellokids_iphone/template/checkout/onepage/

      The layout doesn’t get uncluttered now.

      Kind regards.-



      Nice! Thank you so much ;)



      You are more than welcome! :wink:




      Or a best way, open up billing.phtml and find this line (should be line 70):

      Remove the number 1 in: name=”billing[street][1] (should be: name=”billing[street][] )

      And that’s it!.

      Please omit the \ before quotes, since it is an issue in the text editor, sorry.

      Kind regards.-

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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