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      Can you guys add that functionality for v1.5 theme??



      It wasn’t present in previous version also. The design doesn’t include that, sorry.-




      This is a new feature in v1.5 magento. It was not present in the previous edition, so you wouldn’t have put it in your template. Since it’s a new feature and you claim all of your themes are 1.5 compatible, don’t you think you should add it to your themes?

      If you don’t feel it’s necessary, that’s fine. But I would greatly appreciate some help in getting it added to my theme as it’s a great feature to have.

      Thank you,




      You guys fixed this for me a while ago, but the continue button is left justified – what file did you edit to fix this so I can fix the button?



      Thanks for such a great template it’s so good to see eviytrheng’s done the right way elegant, minimalist code, great functionality for the administrator and awesome usability for the user!I’ve used it for a collaborative blog based in Perth, Western Australia It’s not much to talk about yet, but it’s growing!



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    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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