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      What file do I have to edit to edit the settings of the jcarousel? Whenever someone clicks on an image inside the jcarousel on the frontpage, it opens a lightbox with the product page inside of it. I would like to edit the jcarousel to just open either the photo, or open the product page in the parent window instead. Unless there is some way that I can have it open a condensed version if the product page instead?

      let me know


      Support Team
      Key Master

      Hello Chris, sorry for the inconvenience.
      We broke the carrousel in last version of the theme.
      We will upload the fix on Monday.
      Thanks in advance.
      Kind regards.



      Has the fix been uploaded?



      Yes, now you can download the update version of theme, that runs with the latest version of magento 1.4.1
      Chek with that and tell us if you have the problem again or not, thanks!.-



      Yah – where do you edit the jcarousel .



      Hello Scott,

      there are 3 places where you can edit the jcarousel, depening what do you want to edit:

      the file custom.js, if you want to change the speed of rate, or changes related to javascripit.

      tempalte/catalog/featured.phtml, if you want to change phtml configurations.

      in your admin, cms > pages, if you want to change the category products to be listed.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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