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      The top toolbar doesn’t work on the items list page. The footer toolbar works great, but the top toolbar is broken. While it appears, you can’t choose from the dropdown boxes. I thought it was just my install but I checked the demo and they don’t work there either. Can you please supply me with the code to fix this? I’m pretty sure it’s something on the list.phtml, maybe a missing <div> or something.



      Now it appears that you’ve fixed the issue on the demo. Can you please share how you did it?



      Is anyone checking these forums?



      Obviously not. None of these problems for this theme have been addressed or answered to. Quite pathetic really.

      I too would like answers to all of these posts here.




      It’s such a Catch 22. I hate most all Magento themes that I come across. The Hello Themes are definitely some of the best looking themes out there, but the support is BEYOND horrible. Actually, horrible would imply that we received poor support when the reality is that we receive NO support.



      I got the same problem, the drop down categories is not working yet, i am still trying to figure it out. When i do, i will let you know!



      I ended up just disabling them. Such a disappointment. You’d think it would be more important for them to fix these issues than release new themes.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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