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      hello, I installed hellowired through magento connect on magento 1.4, and for some reason my old navigation bar is showing with no drop-down feature. Also the picture titled “promo5.jpg” is sitll the sample data, even though when i download it straight from the server it is my custom picture. please take a look at it here:

      Any help is appreciated



      I fixed the promo5.jpg issue, But the navigation bar at top is not showing as the one that came with the theme. It looks like it my be using my old navigation bar from the hellowear template i previously had on my site, without any subcategories. You can see it here:



      Hello Dustin, we apologize for this inconvenience with the navigation bar, but that is because as you told before, you are using magento 1.4.1, and we are working to update all the themes to that version wich it is the latest version. Please allow us until next week so we can post in the site all the updates. Thank you!.-



      any updates for hellowired?



      still waiting…



      Earth to HelloHumans.



      I updated my version of hellowired and reinstalled it, but still the navigation bar is not working. Any help is appreciated!


      Support Team
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      Hello Dustin,
      from where you updated HelloWired?
      I was in your store and I could see this error: “toggleMenu is not defined”.
      You changed the nav? or page.xml?
      Please look that in our demo is working.
      Sorry, but we can’t help you with HelloWired troubles.
      Hope you understand.



      Ok you just asked me 4 questions then said you couldn’t help with “hellowired”….so im not sure if you’re going to answer this or not (keep in mind i have purchased 2 themes from you guys, so if you wanna pretend im getting “support” for those then i guess that will work):

      - I haven’t edited nav or page.xml
      -if you are in my store, and can see the error, can you tell me how to fix it? ….
      - I used to have “hellowear” and it looks like the top nav bar from that theme is somehow in my new theme

      Thanks Gaspar Macdaddy!



      I’m having the same problem – I liked HelloWired, but still bought a theme in order to try and get some support. The drop down menus are not working…any ideas?

      Was there an updated helloWired theme for 1.4.1?




      If you had checked our Tutorials you had seen the solution:

      Look: “How to fix the vertical nav bar”, the fix also applies for Hellowired.-

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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