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      Hola Gaspar!
      I have an error in my page which I am not sure if it has to do with your template or with magento in general. (let me know if this forum is not the place to ask this…no problem)

      The problem is that when we started creating our website (with no template installed) we selected the “demo store” warning in the magento backoffice, so that it is displayed in the frontend. After that, we installed the new theme (hellopod) and now we want to turn off this “demo store” message:

      (__(‘This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.’) ?–>– ?> )

      But even after deactivating it, flushing cache and everything, the message will not dissapear. It does dissapear in all pages, except in the shopping cart page. You can see it here by adding any product to the shopping cart: – It will be displayed on top, over the header.

      Please let me know if there is any solution for this.
      Thank you very much in advanced,
      Best regards,



      Hello Kelly, we were cheking with Gaspar for this error, and we find out that if you go to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellopodtemplatepage in the file: one-column.phtml you shoud have a line with that error message, try to delete it and let us know if you coud fix it.

      By the way, you have a very nice store, congratulations!. Regards.



      Hola Guillermo!!

      Thanks a lot for your quick reply!. Your solution worked perfectly fine!
      It is really great to know that you guys give such an excellent support for your themes.

      And thanks a lot also for your comment about our page. I´m glad you like it! 90% of this is due to your template…;)

      Un abrazo!



      Great!!, it is great to know that we coud help you, if you have any other problem please write again. Also thank you very much for your compliment!!, we are working very hard to help all the post in the forum.
      Good luck with your store!!. Otro abrazo!.



      Ahhh I had this exact problem with Hello Sleek and your solution worked like a charm.

      Muchas gracias.




    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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