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      Hey Guys, we don’t want the right column in Product Listing. It should be like the Frontpage, only left column and Content. How can I realize this?



      Hi, wich theme are you using?, that can be done in catalog.xml, you can select the columns to be displayed.-



      Hello, it’s the HelloUno Theme. Nice Offer with yout 2 Templates for one price :-) we have 2 Shops. I’ll be trying it!



      Ok, it works, the right column is away. But in Grid I have only 3 Products in a Row, not 4 like on Homepage. How can I solve this? I watched the Homepage.phtml but nothin found …



      Can anybody tell me how to modify the Homepage?? I only want 3 Colums, not 4 …. PLEASE ….!!!



      Also no Support :(



      Thanks for your Support :-( ((((( not very good here, if you give never answers you can also close this Forum … in my other Post it’s the same …



      Hello, we don’t answer “How do i…?” questions, this is specified in our Support Policy:

      I don’t understand what is your issue now, let us know what you are trying to do, may be we can guide you.




      Hey sorry, I don’t know that!! I posted this in the Topic specially for the “hellouno” store and now it’s in the “how do I” Section …

      In your “hellouno” theme on Homepage are 4 Columns, and on all other Pages are 3 Columns. I always want 3 Columns like on all other pages. But I can’t find the Code in XML …



      Hi, hellouno uses 2columns-left in the homepage, and 3columns in category pages.
      To change columns layout, you can do it in page.xml, but hellouno wasn’t made for 3 columns in homepage, so you will have to style it then.




      I know this :-) but I speak from the Grid Layout, not from columns left or right. The Right Column i deleted by myself. Here’s a screen …



      Hi, i see now. To change grid columns in hellouno, simply go to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellounotemplatecatalogproductlist_homepage.phtml

      Find this: <?php if ($i++%4==0): ?> and change numbre 4 to 3. That’s it!.




      Perfect, it works :-) Thanks Thanks Thanks a Lot …. when we know solve our other Problem we are happy ….

      In this Thread we want to deactivate the Cufon in the Price. See also the picture …

    Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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