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      We are using the Hellouno theme. Customers cannot change passwords on frontend. The password change returns a successful message, but the password never gets changed in the backend; the old password still works. However, when using the admin to change the password, the password change actually works.

      To determine if the problem was theme related, I reverted to using the default Magento theme. The password change on the frontend then worked without a problem. Something seems to be wrong with the Hellouno theme.

      How to proceed?



      Has anyone look into this yet? I tried it out on the hellouno demo store and the same results happen. Customers cannot change password from the “My Account” page. Although the message, “The account information has been saved.” appears in the Green message box, the new password does not work; the old one still does. This definitely seems theme related.



      Gary, we sent you an e-mail a week ago regarding this. We are working on this issue, please allow us time to finish it. Thanks.-






      We have sent you an e-mail. This is working correclty in our demo:

      Remember to check the “Change Password” chekbox in the account information before submit the change.


    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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