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      I have the hellouno theme and I am having problems with the checkout process. At the step where you put in your credit card information, after I do that, I click continue but it does nothing. I cannot continue to the final review screen.</p>
      <p>Please help me. My website is I am running</p>


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      Hello Jeff,
      please try with this:

      Go to app/design/frontend/default/hellosleek/layout/page.xml and add the next piece of code in line 37/38:

      <action method="addJs"><script>lib/ccard.js</script></action>

      Best regards.



      We also have this problem with HelloMix (Magento v1.5.1.0).

      The ccard.js file is already listed in the page.xml and the file exists. There is something else wrong but no errors appear. The Continue button is just dead.

      Please help.



      Good find Justin. Adding this fixed my issue with hellosixty — absolutely crazy that it wasn’t in there to begin with!

      Good luck with your issue.



      Hi Justin, did you modified the theme someway?, may be some extension installed?. The issue could be due javascript in conflict with ccard.js

      Let us know.



      i have same problem after upgrading magneto from 1.7 to . i checked in firebug but no js error is showing. so i check exception log and got this

      SoapFault exception: [SOAP-ENV:Server] Fault in app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Carrier/Fedex.php:415

      plz help me i am new to magento.

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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