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      I just installed Hello Coco and most everything seems to work except the blog/twitter etc content is left aligned, also the slide control buttons are missing.

      See website:

      Any ideas?




      So Anyone out there?



      Hi, did you select homepage as layout?, have you installed the theme in System > Configuration > Design?.-



      I have not done anything with System > Configuration > Design. What would I need to do there?



      Ok, I put hellococo in the themes>default box but no change.

      I also selected homepage as layout.

      Whats next?



      So is there support for your themes or what? You have nice looking Magento themes and your demo works but it is of NO use if you don’t help your customers in getting their install to work.



      Hi Peter,

      Go to the template tutorial here on HT and copy the block code, then turn off your WYSIWYG editor in Magento and paste the code. Save it and it should should show properly. If you edit it again and save, this problem will reoccur. Something to do with the editor.




      Hi Kevin,

      I have disabled the editor and repasted the code a couple of times for the slider and to no avail, and then all of a sudden it works now after trying it again. I think it might have been some sloppy highlighting and pasting on my part, but anyway thanks for your reply to this it got me to do it one more time.




      Peter, i have answered you yesterday here, we don’t work for you only. In order to help our customers in this, we have many tutorials regarding theme installation, follow this:
      Our work is to make the themes work properly, not teach how to install themes. If you still can’t do it, send an e-mail to support at hellothemes dot com , with your ftp and admin details, so we can set up the theme.-




      same problem here. Everything works fine on a fresh 1.4.2 except the left aligned middle.layout-1column and the slider pager. Screenshot is here:

      I habe read all instructions and didnt use the wysiwyg editor while pasting the block code.

      Thanks for your help.



      I have solved the problem with the wrong left alignment of the middel content block. It is a closing div too much in homepage.phtml.

      Still looking for a solution to the slider pager.



      Hi, sent you an e-mail, please check it.




      Thanks for your support.

      There was no wrong div. Both problems were related to my wrong content in the slider block. The theme works well now.




      You’re wellcome!, don’t worry, with Magento you learn after you break the files haha!.




    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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