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      I’m very new to Magento, so please forgive my ineptitude :oops:

      First off, the two little boxes to the right of the slider are no longer there. Where did they go? Where can I edit them to put my own content in there?

      Also, where the heck do I change the menu items?




      Also, where/how can I edit the “Payment Options” block at the bottom?



      Hello Jonh, the two boxes next to the slider are a statick block that you have to add, it’s the Home Links block. To change the default images, you have to add them to the root of the images folder: /skin/frontend/default/helloone/images/ and then you have to change the name of the image in the root of the statick block: <img src=”{{skin url=’images/link-home2.jpg‘ }}” alt=”" />

      What do you mean with menu items?.

      The “payment options” it’s an image too, go to: /skin/frontend/default/helloone/images/media/creditcards.gif and rename the image, then add the one of your choice with the same name.-



      By menu items I mean “Furniture, Electronics, Apparel” – it’s the items next to the cart icon. As I said, I’m pretty new to Magento, not sure if you can change these in the backend somewhere or you have to change them on a template file…



      OK, so I figured out that these are Categories, but what if I want to add some content pages to the menu, for instance a “Contact” page? Do I just create a category and have it display a page or static block for the content?

      Also, what if I wanted to have a “Product” in the menu?



      OK, so there’s no directory: appdesignfrontenddefault/helloonetemplatecatalognavigation

      and no file that I can find top.phtml to add the navigation to

      where do I ad a link into the category navigation in hello one theme?



      Hi Jonh, HelloOne uses the top navigation from the magento base. The root of the top navigation would be appdesignfrontendbasedefaulttemplatecatalog/navigation/top.phtml

      Be careful to not break the base files, this files are very important for the magento functionality.


    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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