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      I have recently bought the Hello Responsive template and Im in the beginning of setting up my first store. Already Im facing some problems which I dont seem to find help trough the provided Hello Theme support. So I’m trying my chance here:

      1st) The configurable Products are not showing the dropdownmenu of the Product. Upon checking the admin panel and previewing the site using one of the native themes from the system, I was able to see the dropdown menus for the configurable products. This means that there are custom codes from the theme that is being used that interfere with the native codes of the system. I have tried asking a supporter but I dont get any answer.

      2nd) same problem with the created submenue from the navigation-> not showing on the frontend.

      3rd) Logosize is very hard to adjust proparly. I’ve tried uplading different sizes, data types and also trying to modify the css code.

      Is anyone also facing does problems with this theme? I really love the simple design of the theme. But the support and setting up of the store is quite a hazzle.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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