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    I recently purchased HelloWear (Invoice Number 15114 on 01/21/2011). I spent the last three weeks developing the site and loading the products. When we were finally ready to place our first order everything worked perfectly right up until the point where you click "Place Order". Nothing happens at all when you click the final order button. It's as though it's a static button with no functionality.

    We thought the problem may have been something that we did on our end and so in troubleshooting we backed up the website and completely wiped the hosting account clean to start from scratch.

    I installed Magento on a clean Bluehost account with SimpleScripts. I copied all of the HelloWear theme files into the public_html directory and added the design change in the admin. I deactivated all of the default payment methods and activated No other modifications were made to the site. Still the same problem. When we go to click the "Place Order" button nothing happens. You can test it here (

    Does not work in Chrome or Firefox. Renaming the checkout template directory and xml checkout layout file in the theme as recommended in another thread does not resolve the issue.

    ***When we delete the design change from the admin to use the stock default theme the payment process works great and the orders go through no problem. This is an issue with the theme.

    Please reply or contact me at mmonday22[at]gmail[dot]com right away to resolve the issue.