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      When I check out as a returning customer, I get a little box comming up saying: Prefix” is a required value. Is there something i have to change in the configuration? I dont have this message when i check out as a guest.
      tnx for your support



      Hi, i have checked this in our demo site and it’s giving any issue. Did you install some extensions?, or modify the checkout files?.




      Hi, I didnt modify the checkout files, dont even know how to do that. As to the extensions I have some but they do not influence the checkout process. The extensions i use are:; BankPayment; EM_DeleteOrder; Cobay_ChangeAttributeSet; TBT_Enhancedgrid

      If it’s an option i could give you some login and you can see it for your selves, Tnx for your support,



      Hello Rene, i tried the link above but it doesn’t work.
      Due to the first extension name, i must say it does affect the checkout process.
      Try disabling or un-installing all the extensions, to see if them are causing the issue. Let us know after this. Thanks.

      Kind regards.-



      Hi, I un-installed all extensions one by one, each time refreshing cach and logging out of magento, but the issue persists. Is it an option to upload and replace a specific file or code? I’m not a programmer so i dont know where to start looking for a solution. tnx



      Hi there, may be the extensions affected some files. We sent you an e-mail regarding this issue, please check it.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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