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      I want to change my theme from helloStyle to helloPod or helloClean. I already have lots of products, attributes, categories and so on and I don;t want to lose anything.

      I understand the theme customizations won’t remain, but what is the exact process of changing the theme?
      For example, do I delete the HelloStyle folder and upload the hellopod one? Or how?
      I’d appreciate a step by step process, because I worked really hard on creating the store products, cat and I don’t want to lose them.

      thank you!



      Hi Alexander, you’re correct, the only things that will disappear are the customizations that you did over the theme files, the products, attributes, categories,etc will remain there, you can check this by changing the theme to the default magento one.

      It’s not necessary to delete the theme files that you have already, you can just add the new theme files like you did with the first theme, and then configure the new theme in the Admin panel (System>Configuration>Design), also you will have to configure the homepage, static blocks,etc.

      Any doubts please let us know.




      Awesome. That’s really easy. Thanks for the great support.

      Oh, and one more thing…in your theme demos (, I see that only a few themes are on And on the forum I read that all the themes are now compatible with Are they all?

      Just to be sure. :)



      Yes, sorry for that, all our themes are compatible with 1.5 We will correct that asap.


    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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