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      Anonymous – front page still is running of the pink colors but the shampoo page is now blue. For the front page the roll over color is still pink for “my account” and “log in”

      I have made the following changes to configurations -> general -> design -> Themes -> Skin (Images / CSS) -> “hellocanvas_blue”

      is there anything I need to change?

      another issue I found was “view cart” has a green back round (I don’t want that color) and the blue button “proceed to checkout” does not align correctly.

      “apply coupon” and “get a quote” are green button’s as well.



      This was my solution…

      Revert back to Magento ver., install HelloCanvas, copy the CSS and images folders from the hellocanvas_blue into the hellocanvas folder, and that should fix not only the images, and CSS, but using Magento ver. should realign the Proceed to checkout button.

      Also, if you don’t want the Proceed to checkout button to be blue, you might want to check your color.css file and make sure it looks like this;

      Obviously, I am using the hellocanvas_green, so the colors in this one don’t apply to you. When you copy your color.css file over from hellocanvas_blue to hellocanvas, it will look like this;

      But, you need it to look like this;

      Hope this works for you,




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    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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