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      Ciao, come posso cambiare l’effetto dello HelloSlide da “scrollHorz” a “fade” in Magento? Grazie per la risposta, cordiali saluti.

      Hello, how can I change the effect of HelloSlide from “scrollHorz” to “fade” in Magento? Thanks for your reply, best regards.



      ok, i found the file “custom.js”



      And where is the place where you can change the effect?? I wish I could put the slide of the effect of hellomix hellowired, fader effects.



      Alguen podria decirme como puedo cambiar el efecto de transicion del slider del hellomix?? querria que la transicion fuera fade.




      Fernando, lo sentimos pero no podemos ayudarte con preguntas “how do i…?” Support Policy . Si nos alcanza el tiempo veremos de guiarte en esto.-



      I have the same issue and need to know how to set my helloslide in fade effect. Can someone please provide me the solution in English?



      I have already bought the Hellomix for $79. I couldn\’t access the forums for help so even though i had it i still purchased the them club membership for $99.99 just to access the forums .I log into the forums I post in 2 days not even a single reply. I find a topic where a user asks the exact same thing that I am looking for and Hello Themes Support responds read our support policy about How do I do questions. I read it and it refers to configuring Magento.

      What does that have to do with How do I do questions about the theme.

      Paying $99.99 for Support and we get this. What a rip off? Would it be my fault now to dispute the charge with my credit card provider?

      Worst support and customer service ever so far. Guys this is unacceptable.

      Not to mention false advertising when you show me a theme with a slider that fades out and no instructions or obvious way of accomplishing that.

      Yes I did look at the custom.js file and i am not an expert but I can put basic things together. I examined the demo page and it includes an additional div tag #pager. Where is that? Why is it not in the instructions?

      And I already found bugs with HelloMix, the identifier for footer-links under static blocks is wrong. It should be footerlinks. Come on I bought $15 themes before that were much better coded, complete and full instructions. That is how you guys create a bad name for yourselves and lose customers.




      Wow, that was a lot of work. I’ve come across all of those sites and didn’t even stop to coidnser whether the themes might have malicious code.I completely agree with your assessments. I can’t think of a single valid reason to have encrypted code inside a WordPress theme, seeing as the code is supposed to be GPLed.@Jim Wow! That is a powerful point. I guess that’s why some sites use WP or WPMU instead. But I never even thought about that one. I wonder if WordPress has even thought about pressing the case against those sits.



      KCyuma tljhcglfzyon



      Did anyone ever found a solution for this? I really like to change the slide effect to a fade effect..



      Find this file which should have all the settings you are looking for including the fade effect.  You can edit in notepad.


      Have a great night!

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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