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      I bought HelloCanvas because I noticed it came with 4 pre-defined colors. I would like to change the color to Green. I know this is probably a simple task, but I am new to this, can someone please point me in the right direction?

      Also, Can I install more than one HelloTheme at a time and switch between the two while I am developing? Because it doesn’t seem like I can. I installed HelloCanvas first and then when I went to install HelloPod using the HelloeTheme installer, all I get is errors. So, I went and installed it using my FTP client (FileZilla). Now, when I try to switch from HelloCanvas to HelloPod, the frontpage is just HelloCanvas. What am I doing wrong? It did overwrite some files when I FTP uploaded all of the files for HelloPod. Should I not have done this?

      Thanks in advance,




      This issue was solved….



      However, I still cannot load the HelloPod themse.

      But, now I have noticed another issue with HelloCanvas…

      When navigating to the View Cart screen the Proceed to Checkout Button is off center, REALLY bad…. How do I fix this?


      Hello Themes
      Key Master

      Hi Chris,

      Could you please provide us with a screenshot?



      Sure, here you go….

      Isn’t the Proceed to Checkout Button supposed to be Orange anyway?

      And what about adding a button to the Continue Shopping link instead of having it just be a bland text link? Also, I have not received an answer back to my question about adding a checkout button to the my cart module in HelloCanvas like all of the other themes have. I would also like to be able to utilize the slide controls that HelloJynxx has on HelloCanvas. Is all of this possible?

      Please let me know.

      Thanks in advance,




      Just FYI, I am experiencing the same with the “Proceed to Checkout” button in my install. Also, if you resize the screen the green area extends outside the border, appears that the width has been fixed, which is not ideal.

      Would be interested in a patch for this screen when available.




      Well, I have downgraded to Magento and everything seems to be okay with the template on the in the shopping cart now… All I had to do is place this code in the color.css file since I am not using the default green…

      /* CSS Document */

      /* Navigation Color */

      #leftnav ul li a:hover {color:#647514 !important; }

      /* Buttons */

      button.button span { background:transparent url(../images/bkg_btn.png);text-shadow: 0px 1px #5f700d !important; }
      button.btn-checkout span { background-image:url(“../images/btn_checkout.gif”);
      border:0 none;
      font:bold 12px/26px Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;
      padding:0 0 0 5px; }

      .account-menu li a { background:url(../images/buttons/top_buttons_sprite.png); }
      .account-menu li a span { background:url(../images/buttons/top_buttons_sprite.png) no-repeat top right; }

      .mycart-block .price { color: #cde269; }

      Also, changing the Images & CSS reference in Configuration>Design>Themes from hellocanvas to hellocanvas_green never worked for me, so I just moved all of the image file and css files from the hellocanvas_green folder into the hellocanvas folder and this did the trick. You just have to add the above line of code to fix the shopping cart problem. Well, the button problem where the button was the same green button used all over the site and not the original orange button I mean. I don’t know how to fix the button from not being aligned right. This must be a Magento thing.



      Hi Chris,

      I think i have the same problem with hellocanvas, i couldn’t load your screenshot
      to see…

      you can check at and add something to the cart.

      Did the above solution solve your problem completely?




      Thanks fro the feedback, this post was made siemtome ago. It’s great to see you have moved this area forward, please email us with soem more info and we would be happy to write a review your extension and put it into production.



      qLuSph kbxmlrvsxsyn

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