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      hi can someone please help me…
      i need to change the pink box color on navigation bar into some other color….
      i can’t find it anywhere on css files… :(




      please help me.. i am newb.. and im stuck here…



      use firebug for firefox ..

      then go to inspect .. find the file url(“../images/buttons/top_buttons_sprite.png”) change your png to what ever color if you want custom ..
      to change the color to theme colors go to Admin >System >Config >Design >Change Default > and your color : hellocanvas_blue test it out .



      Great job! :lol:



      thanks.4 all of these,and can u help me it gets WORST, in the key pad, when i press 7, the number 1 will apepar, then 8, the 2 will apepar. and so on.. looks like the touch reaction go down or has been inverted……by using this *#2665#………then press 1 for firmware update….confirm thats it.



      S3gfKo rkiikjeslurg

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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