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      Let’s say I used HelloPress on one of my sites. I completely created the store with products and everything, I even have customers registered.

      How can I change the theme to HelloMinty for example without rebuilding everything from scratch? (products, databases, etc)

      I’m interested to test out a few themes. So how can I easily change the theme without messing up the code, databases or the products info and everything?

      Do I just install the new theme just like I would on a fresh magento install?



      Hi Alexander, in this case HelloMinty and hellopress are similar themes, if you change themes, the only thing that can be missed are theme features. Also if you made customizations in your theme, they will not be present when you change themes.

      I recommend you to copy the folders, for example: app/design/frontend/default/hellominty to the root of your install, for example to: app/design/frontend/default/ (only the hellominty folder)
      Do the same for the others 2 folders: (media and skin)

      and then change the configs. in your admin panel.


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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