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      I\’m already logged in, but when I want to view my tickets, it asks me for another password -apparently not the same as the original one.

      And as apparently this is the only way to get support, I\’m stuck – hopefully somebody will read this.

      A small review of my problems with hellotonic theme, using magento 1.5.1

      I bought hellotonic, the theme is good-looking, but I can\’t get the helloslider to work correctly on the homepage – I get a product page inside the slider and the bottom of the homepage no longer shows the menu footer links. I did try different product links, main category 2 and subcategories 3, but nothing seems to work.

      I like the language menu, but not the fact that the shopping cart does strange things like showing up in the middle of the text on the homepage, etc. Seems there are still some bugs in the system.

      Also the code I pasted in the homepage is not shown at all, so my main problem seems to be getting the homepage up and running.



      Still not getting a response here or in my mailbox – what’s the use of buying a theme if you don’t get any support !

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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