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      in the slider we see our product with the price. It only shows the amount but not the currency.
      So it only shows 499,00 but we would need to show the euro or dollar sign.

      would that be possible?



      Hi, sorry but the theme was to designed to not show the currency in the slider product price. However you can find the way to hardcode the currency there, with Magento all is possible.




      One more question, if I want to change something in the product data of the slider, for example add social media, which file do I need to edit? homepage.phtml?

      i know how to add it in the normal page, that works fine



      I still have an issue with this. The problem I now have is that my site has 2 languages and also 2 currency’s. In the slider the product only shows the euro price and not the dollar price. If I go to the cart it shows dollars so that’s good. Please help



      Hi, don’t understand what did you do, but if you modify the slider to show the currency (which is not a feature of the theme), you should have to make 2 sliders (2 static blocks), 1 for each store view.

      Let us know if that helps.-



      ok forget my comment about chaning the slider.

      I have 2 store views, one is euro and one is dollar. I have one product that is setup for both stores with a euro price.I can only enter a euro price by the way.

      Then when I add this product to my cart in the dollar view he converts the amount to dollars.
      No problem there.

      But the problem is that in the dollar store view the euro price is showing in the slider.
      As euro is the leading currency of my webshop.

      If I create an extra slider I will still have that problem.

      I am wondering how we can fix this :-) Difficult problem



      Any update on this please? This is crucial for people who work with multiple currency’s




      Hi Roy, as i said before, the slider of HelloTonic was not made to display the currencies, this means it’s not a feature of the theme and we don’t answer “how do i…?” questions: Support Policy

      As an exception:

      What you can do is to set a static (not dynamic) price for each store view in the slider. This means you have to create two sliders, one for each store view.

      So, 1) Duplicate the current slider static block, but in the new slider content, change the line to this:

      Also change the slider Identifier of the block, to: helloSlide2

      2) Now you have to create another homepage for the new store view. So duplicate your current helloTonic Homepage (from Admin-panel), be sure to select the new store view under “Page Information”.
      The only thing that changes here is the “Layout” selection, under Design>Layout instead of “Homepage” select “1column”. Save

      3) So now it’s time to edit the .phtml files,(remember to backup the files before doing this, just in case you wish to use them in the feature) so go to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellotonictemplatepage open the file homepage.phtml and copy the hole content of the file. Then open 1column.phtml ,remove the content and paste the homepage.phtml content you have just copied. Also go to this line:

      and change it to this:

      4) Finally, we have to create a new slide_products.phtml file for the new slider. So go to: appdesignfrontenddefaulthellotonictemplatecatalogproduct open slide_products.phtml ,copy the hole content of the file, create a new .phtml file in the same root, paste the content there, name the file like this: slide_products2.phtml
      In this new file, you will have to add the currency symbol in this 3 lines: 74,78 and 81:


      The same for the 3 lines.

      And that’s it!, you will have 2 sliders (one for each store view) displaying the currency you have set.

      Kind regards.-



      Thanks for the reply and I understand that it’s not supported but I hope you understand that most people will use this template with multiple prices.

      This modification helps a bit but doesn’t solve the whole problem.
      The amount is still the euro amount but now showing with a $ sign.

      and one more problem, if you now click on more info in the slider he shows the product information below the slider which is screwing up the page.

      Basicly the price in the slider should be the same price as on the normal productpage

      <span id=”product-price-1″ class=”regular-price”>

      but the amount of code behind that, (price.phtml) is huge.



      Hello, yes we know that, that’s why we are looking for a better solution, we will need time to do this, please be patience.

      Many thanks!.-



      Sure, very good that you are willing to work on this and also that you guys posted this on Facebook. Very professional, better and better by the week :-)



      Do you have any timelines on this?



      Hello Roy, i’m afraid that we don’t have a date to finish this, since we are still working on this. We will notify here when we finish.




      I have the same issue with it showing the Euro price and not showing US dollars. All that really needs to be changed is the “,” in the price to a “.”

      Where can I go to do that? Seems like it would be an easy fix.

      Thank you in advance.-

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