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      After the translation of the magento buy button was cut.
      Could someone give a hint, do not understand css.
      I believe it is the solution to the problem.
      Here’s image problem.



      Hi Pedro, did you make that translations changes?, if so…, where did you make them?. Tell us your url so we can check the image code in the site.-



      Hi Ghillermo.

      I used a ready translation that also in this MagentoConnect.
      My site is
      Is still in testing but do not understand css, fix q buttons are not images as in heloominty.

      I noticed the problem after the translation, leaving him in English the problem does not happen.

      Sorry my bad english, I’m using google translator.



      Hello Pedro, i checked your site and it’s only a little css change you have to do, go to your css folder and open this file 105090d2cd723f7669de8b323ea55d4c.css ,go to the line 768 and change the last number of the padding values, should be like this: padding: 7px 40px 5px 21px;

      Hope this helps, kind regards.-



      Thank you, it worked. :D

      But on screen the product description continues with the problem.

      Where should I change to solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.



      Hi Pedro, the same file, but line 770, add 21px to the last value, as you did before.




      This ok now.
      I have some more doubts but come back later.




      All right, regards.-



      Hi Pedro,

      I suggest that while you are developing to turn off the “Merge Javascript files” and “Merge CSS files” under Configuration–>Advanced–>Developer. You will loose changes in the system generated 105090d2cd723f7669de8b323ea55d4c.css file if you ever turn this off or if you update your template.




      Never had a problem like that.-

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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