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      I’m using OneStepcheckout, but the button still loads the old checkout porcess

      Where can i change the link for that button?



      Which one step checkout are you using? The code to change the link is probably here in app/design/frontend/default/your_template/template/checkout/cart/sidebar/default.phtml. Send me a link to your site and I’ll check again. Also, let us all know which OneStepCheckout you are using and how you like it. I’m interested in buying this, too!




      HI Kevin!

      Thank you! – Take at look at the site here:

      I’m using the newest version of OSC – I use it for ALL my stores…. It’s a little expensive, but boy is it nice and simple for the customer.

      I have an old Magento store, which has been running for little over a year or so – It still uses the old default Magento checkout. I’m planning on installing OSC in this store, and we’ll see, if the conversionrate goes up :-) ….

      Let me know, if you have any questions :-)



      Yo Allan!

      I tried to send you a message through your site but got a 500 error. But your site is awesome, and the OSC is a nice touch–but it’s really pricey! Do they encrypt their extension or can you run it on all the sites you want?

      So I tried all the buttons that lead to checkout and they all go to OSC, so I assume your issue is fixed. Is there another place I’m not looking? But the way, I don’t work for HT, I’m just a forum guy trying to get people more motivated to help each other.




      HI there!

      Thank you for commenting on my store! – We’re still working on it, hoping we can have it up and running by the weekend :-)

      Unfortunately with OSC, they encrypt their extension, you have to acquire a serial pr. domain on which you’re using it……. But it’s really sleek :-)

      Regarding the button, try the following to replicate what i’m seeing ( I made a small video)



      Ok, go to app/design/frontend/default/your_template/template/checkout/cart/sidebar.phtml and find the code:

      and change to:

      And that should work. I the url might be different, but give it a try.


    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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