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      Hello there and apologies if these topics have already been raised and answered but i would like to clarify just a few things with the coco theme i have.

      How do i get the breadcrumbs feature to work i have implemented the XML structure in the product for breadcrumbs, then cached and cached with still no luck. Also tried a few other strategies but i still cant get them to work.

      Also the navigation that you see on the demo of the coco theme looks good, yet i cant get it to work on my setup, i have created categories and done the tick box (add to navigation) also created the root category and cached still no luck. Also tried the navigation extension (free version) and couldn’t get that to work either.

      Website can be viewed at:

      Please let me know of any updates or procedures of exactly how to tackle these two issues




      Okay so i sorted out the problem myself.
      Created subcategory from the root category in which enabled the navigation which im very happy with.

      Last question is how do i make the breadcrumbs hyperlink ?
      E.g. im in a subcategory of xbox ( /xbox/xbox live/)
      How can i get the breadcrumbs ( Home > Xbox > Xbox Live) to all hyperlink so that you can click on;
      home >
      xbox >

      But i wouldn’t hyperlink the current breadcrumb in this instance (Xbox Live)

      Hopefully i also figure this one out but if not hopefully i get a reply from this




      No replys ?
      Not even a “Welcome to the forum craig”





      Hi Craig, sorry for the delay, to make this, go to your styles.css, line 490, add z-index: 999;

      like this:




      Great, that sorted out my category view, but not my product and cms page.
      What else needs to be done ?

      Also i need to question on how to get the product tabs to work, should i raise another request on here or double question this topic ?

      Regards, Craig



      Hi there, what do you need for “my product and cms page.” ??, and also the last questions about the products tab, please explain your self what exactly you are looking for.

      Please keep in mind this are not issues of the theme, so expect a lower time of response, since we don’t answer “how do i…?” questions: Support Policy



      CMS Pages and Product Pages still do not display the breadcrumbs. How ever, Category Pages show the breadcrumbs.

      And regarding the tabs, all i mean is i can’t seem to work them properly, all i want is the normal product view.

      Regards, Craig



      3 Days for a reply ?
      C’mon guys!



      1 Month Later and still no reply

      Bravo, bravo!.



      so, 3 months down the line you still haven’t been able to resolved the problem or given any further advice on my question.

      If i don’t recieve a reply, i’l be taking legal matters in order to get my money back.




      Hi Craig, we have answered you by e-mail. We apologies for the delay, but keep in mind that those are not issues of the theme. HelloCoco was not designed to have breadcrumbs in the product pages, and the tabs are working correctly in our demo site (same files you downloaded):


    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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