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      I’ve just installed the theme today and have a problem with the blog posts displaying. I have set up a menu item for the blog category but when you click on it I get this error message:

      Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/nextgenl/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/hellococo_wp/functions.php on line 80

      I haven’t made any modifications. All plugins are disabled. All I’ve done is added a contact page, added another test blog post, modified the category names and set up a custom menu.

      I noticed from a previous post which has raised the same issue that there is not a solution posted and you said that this doesn’t happen in the demo version. There is however obviously a problem. I noticed in the demo version that the word category does not appear in the URL.

      Please advise how to fix this. Thanks.



      Hello just had a quick look on your site there and it seems you have the magento installed, have you installed the wordpress theme aswell as the magento theme for hellococo or have you installed the them for magento and used the fishpig intergration utility ?

      Also the ‘category’ in the URL thats to do with permalinks go into the admin panel of WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and under optional you have category base and you can change it in there :)




      Hi Craig,

      I have Magento installed in the root directory with the HelloCoco Magento theme, and have WordPress installed in a sub-directory using the WordPress HelloCoco theme.

      It is the WordPress theme that I am having this problem with. There is nothing wrong with the permalinks and changing their structure does not affect this problem.

      I have tried deleting everything and using a fresh WordPress installation and database and still have the same problem. Can you please provide some clear guidance as I have wasted so many hours trying to resolve this.





      I also just noticed that the theme tries to use two different URL’s when listing the category archive. If you click the link in the breadcrumbs it points to a URL that doesn’t contain the slug /category/ in the URL and therefore produces a 404 error. Whereas the links in the menu and sidebar widget don’t include /category/ in the URL and produce the error above.



      Thanks for such a detailed, clear and well-researched post, Siobhan. I’m glad I use one of the Woo Themes on my site. I’ll check out your other sucroes for trusted themes, as well as the plugins you recommended. Sometimes my clients find themes on their own, and you’ve greatly improved my toolbox when it comes to checking them out.



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    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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