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      I am running Magento ver. and have it setup to run 2 stores.

      I am trying to get Hellominty to work with one of the stores, but whenever i activate it i just get a blank white page on the front end. When i view the source it is also blank.

      I have no idea what is causing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

      I did have hellominty running nd working once before. But i think it was on a slightly older version of magento.

      Any ideas would be very helpful. I have contacted support but not heard anything back from them.




      Hi Simon, we can send you hellominty if you want.-



      Exploit Scanner is a fantastic plguin and I’ve used it to locate all the bad stuff in some of my free themes.You did a fantastic job on this, and I m glad to see this post going viral. I had one site with a free theme that would play music out of the clear blue and redirect to some Chinese site at random. When I ran Exploit Scanner I found out why full of bad stuff. Thanks for giving so many people a heads up on this.



      yDl0wa qydvzzyyhaqk

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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