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      Hey guys,

      I no there is probably hundreds of posts concering the hello slider on the home page. I have browsed through pretty much everyone and follow the steps that others have tried (and resolved their problems). I have also viewed their posted URL’s and it does appear the home page slider ‘hello_slider’ is now working.

      However on our test URL, we cannot get the slider to appear. If you view the url you will see what we are working on. We’ve gone through a million timesto confirm the static blocks are correct, the images are there, the PHP echo call in the homepage.phtml doc to ensure its being called. Flushed cache (magento) flushed personal cache, tried on multiple machines, tried adjusting the layout on the homepage ‘page’.

      Can anyone please advise something we might not be trying? I understand this is only a test mock store, but we’re looking at switching over completely to magento for further client projects, but are having some obvious teething issues.

      Any help is much appreciated..





      Hi Alex, we sent you an e-mail, please chek it, thanks.-




      Just installed, new site but slider also not showing up. Please help.



      Hey Mike,

      I’ll offer my two cent here, because moving to Magento is a costly decision. If you don’t have people on your team to handle issues with something like the slider, then I’m going to recommend you look at other solutions, like Adobe Business Catalyst or similar hosted e-commerce platforms. Really my friend, Magento is for people with time and coding skills, because you’ll need both to get Magento running the way you probably want. Shoot me an e-mail at kevin no-spam at woolf dot com and I’ll get your slider up, but seriously do a cost analysis among these e-commerce systems. Even with my skills, I’m still not exactly thrilled with Magento and might eventually move to a hosted platform myself.



    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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