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      When the products show in grid, list and product page, appear “bad” let show some samples:

      When buy a licence template, we don´t hope have problems like this……



      Do you see those problems in the demo site?? (same files you downloaded):

      So it’s not an issue of the theme, so it’s not our fault.

      1) Did you modified any theme file??, do you have extensions installed?.

      2) Be sure to set up the theme correctly :

      3) Check your categories settings within your Admin panel, they should look like this:

      4) The same for your Homepage:



      I have an extension, for filter results, but this extension ork only in list products category, and work´s fine….. in products page have not any filter, we don´t change any file…… just install yesterday…..



      I review all again, all is ok, if this don´t work i will cancell my buy.
      1.- No file modify
      2. Theme is correct installed (i upload again all files chek one by one)
      3. Categories in admin panel was ok…



      I need more help for your templates on my acount… if not thomorrow cancel the buy with American Express… for now im erase all modules…. list pages work fine now……but product page seems bad… i do all possible and nothing… deactivate modules, and erase all modules from products…..upload again layout, skin and all files…… turn off cms bloques…. don´t know what do… if not working, money back……




      Check the e-mail we sent you.-

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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