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      I’m using ajax add to cart, but the number of items doesn’t change in the menu bar until I refresh the page. The cart block does update the products after I add to cart using ajax. How can I solve it?

      Thank you.



      It’s now over a month. Can someone please help me solve the problem, please?

      Thank you.



      Hi, the demo (the same files you downloaded) doesn’t have that issue, could be due to some customizations you did on your theme. But you can try to disable the cache in your admin (system > configuration > cache management > select all the items and disable them.) That should solve it.-



      Hi Guillermo,

      The demo doesn’t have the problem, because you don’t use ajax add to cart (the pop window). In the demo the all page is being refreshed and you get a confirmation line at the top of the page. When I use ajax add to cart the item does show in the mini cart, but not in the top right corner where your template should show it (unless if I refresh the page).

      Can you make it to work just like the mini cart?

      Thank you,




      The JS used in ajax add to cart may conflict with the JS in the mini cart, assuming the mini cart is the hellotheme template cart and not the Magento side column cart. Which ajax add to cart extension are you using?




      I have the same issue… I’m using ajax add to cart from aheadworks



      The point of AJAX is to reload only select sections of a page so site visitors don’t need to refresh the entire page. What you’ll essentially need to do is get the HT cart and the Aheadworks cart to reload together, because Aheadworks ATC extension doesn’t know there is a HelloTheme extension on the page. So to put it simply, you’ll have to modify the AW script to refresh both extensions, which I’d imagine is beyond the scope of theme support.

      I’ve completely disabled my HT cart and took it off my site and just use the sidebar cart and top menu cart link, which update fine using the AW ATC extension. I’ll take a look at this in the coming few days, but I’m not a JS guy so I probably won’t be able to do much. Just a heads up.



      Paul Stanely

      This seems to be a compatibility issue. Please try different browser.

      If issue still exists then I would recommend to use a responsive Ajax Add to Cart extension like the one developed by FME.  Add, edit or delete items from the cart without any page reload. Check the demo here:


    Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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