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    DaveThanks. Options has undergone quite a life since the inaiitl beta release in February. A lot of the stuff you see now has come from user feedback, bug reports, and just seeing how people use the theme through the support forums on my blog.miloI wanted to come out and set the tone with the new intro. I remember writing that back when I wrote the post . wgn_whiteThanks. I hope the community continues to grow and we can keep users from going to some of those fly-by-night theme operations.J MehmettWell, I definitely try to keep the markup valid. A lot of times, some designers will tell you something can’t be done without invalidating the code, but there’s always a way.Definitely add your CSS. Put together a child theme for others to download. I’m thinking of extending the (currently only ideas forum) to let users add this stuff.BordermanWhat is an inregrated Theme Editor ? Is it some type of plugin? All the latest version of the themes have been tested on a default installation of WordPress 2.6.As far as I know, there’s only one type of WordPress installation. Different language installs just come with the included language packs.