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    we are having a issue with this as well. If i try and add the java code as mentioned before it breaks our slider and featured items. I tried 3 times and couldnt get it to work. I have the icon working based on another thread on there but basically the issue is as follows...

    User can click on the wishlist link and it will work from any catelog page or home page just fine
    If the user navigates to a page like terms of service or contact us... anything that is just a normal information page it gives a 404 error. It appears the the catalog pages and stuff all work to where it redirects to the login page if they are not logged in but if they are on a page it just tries to add /wishlist/ to the end of the url they are on. I am guess there is a code i should copy or something from my view.phtml to another page but I am unsure which files should be altered. Can someone please help me?