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    29 June 2011
    Hi There ..We are trying to be patient but our client is not however.
    The original problem was reported about +- 3 months ago
    We really need attention to this problem. Please assist

    Thanks :(

    16 June 2011
    Hello, we apologies for this inconvenient, but we are still trying to get a fix for this. We have consulted Magento developers but none of them could fix this neither.
    We'll notify you when we get a solution for this.

    Thanks for your patience.-

    14 June 2011
    Hi there

    We have two tickets on your hellomix forum ‘Wishlist Icon’ and ‘Wishlist Top Link not working’ They are however linked/same issue. We have not received any response lately so are getting really concerned.

    We are running Magento and have had this problem for quite some time now. There was an original temporary icon fix, but then the link broke- so we had to go back to no icon. Our client is getting really impatient as this was reported quite a while ago and we told them as per your forum that you were working on a solution.

    Please kindly send us a progress update /fix to get our ‘wishlist icon’ back with the link working etc.

    Thank you