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    Hi there

    Thank you for your reply.

    1.Footer links: The above fix worked for the footer links by adding the full link including the http etc - (it was ignoring the shortened store url) - thank you very much. :wink:

    2. Top wishlist link: Can you please guide me regarding the fix for the top wishlist link (not wishlist icon) of where and how to go and fix that in the base url you are referring to.

    The top wishlist link works when in main catagory, but when in subcategory like you have mentioned earlier in this forum topic- the link breaks.

    For background info: I have followed your wishlist icon instructions on the forum:
    "Great!, but the best way to do this, is copying wishlist.xml from base and paste it in the theme .xml root: app/design/frontend/default/hellomix/layout Then make this change in wishlist.xml file of the theme:

    appdesignfrontenddefaulthellomixlayoutwishlist.xml "

    PS I did go to your demo site again just now ( but it is also giving me the same problem with the top wishlist link breaking when clicking on them whilst in sub category of main menu eg when you go to your 'Living Room' category under 'Furniture' and then clicking on top wishlist link. (This happens in all my browsers)

    Your urgent help will be greatly appreciated.
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