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    We are going to post them in the site:

    1) Create a gmail account (
    2) Once we have the account, have to go to: were we are going to configure the gTalk (badge) account.
    3) there, go to Edit, so you can set up the preferences of your account.
    4) In order to have a correct visualisation, go to:
    Title = Nick
    Style = "Two line basic"

    choose: "Show your status message" so you your clients can see your status in the store.

    5) Save the badge.
    6) There you shoud see a code like the following:

    <iframe src="" allowtransparency="true" width="200" frameborder="0" height="60"></iframe>

    Then copy the code that is next to "tk=", in this case is:

    7) To configure HelloChat, go to: System -> Configuration
    8 ) On the left-hand menu, go to HelloThemes, and then click in HelloChat.
    9) In the configuration form, select Enable = Yes ,under Assistant entered a name of your choice, and in Code paste the code
    of gTalk that you copied on the 6º step.
    10) Edit the others configurations, like Titule (eg: "Online Support"), allow the left or right sidebar to visualize the extension on the store in the left/right column, etc.
    11) Select, "save configuration".
    12) That´s it, now you can offer online support from your store!.-
    In order to modify the design, you will have to add a class "hellochat" in the css's and style it.-