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    Home Forums "How do I" questions Where are the Bonuses for Premium Club Upgrade? Reply To: Where are the Bonuses for Premium Club Upgrade?



    Hi there, these are the bonuses that were supposed to come with the upgrade, but I have not received anything :?

    “Try My Premium Membership for under 20% And Get 7 FREE Bonuses.
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    * Bonus 1: Advanced SEO Techniques (Currently Selling at $27)
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    * Bonus 3: Become An Affiliate Marketing Master (Currently Selling at $27)
    * Bonus 4: Viral Traffic Generation (Currently Selling at $27)
    * Bonus 5: Dominate The Web 2.0 Market (Currently Selling at $27)
    * Bonus 6: Super Joint Venture Secrets (Currently Selling at $27)
    * Bonus 7: Blogging For Cash (Currently Selling at $27)

    WHEW! That’s a lot of goodies … and you get it all FREE when you try
    my entire membership for 80% off.”