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    Circular Looms
    Circular Looms<p></p>
    ace 6<p></p>
    We offer complete range of circular loom to cover full range of PP/HDPE woven fabric requirement upto 2.5 mts (Double Lay Flat) or 5.0 mts (Split Open) for a wide range of applications.<p></p>
    These circular looms from are the combination of latest technology together with other advantages of lower energy consumption /lower maintenance etc. thus making these circular looms the best choice for customers requiring flexibility for the varied demands of the global market.<p></p>
    Circular looms with electronic control system have been developed to make available high performance machines for producing fabric of PP/HDPE tapes with almost zero defect fabric. Warp tapes are pulled or unwound from creel stands thus weaving fabric at lowest possible warp tension. Magnetic sensor and Color sensor used in the weaving machine helps in producing quality fabric. Circular loom machine controller system is used for setting various machine parameters as well as for indicating useful production data. Detailed information for shift wise as well as cumulative production, machine efficiency, actual running time with warp/weft breakage and weft end incidents can be obtained by the machine evaluation system.