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    Hi Gaspar – I have just bought that theme too (earlier this week) – I thought the top widget on the home page was a slider, one of the reasons I chose that one as well as Uno. However it doesn’t appear that is is a slider, just a jpg with a small widget tab. So not too happy about that. Is there a way around it. I also gather from your post that Universal ‘couldn’t be fixed’ then why is it listed as 1.4 compatible in the spec sheet? or have I missed something. To be honest the 2 things that made me buy that one was in the description it said “HelloSlide – Manage and control your Homepage slider from Magento. You will be able to add or remove image.” and “Magento Version 1.4″ – so I have spent a number of hours trying to get it to work without altering the php to find that it can’t be fixed. Can I change this theme for something else if there is no fix?