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    Guys I’ve resisted posting this for a week, but as you claim you don’t get support emails, you leave me little choice – this has been going on now for weeks!


    1. Please let us know the fix for the promo banner so we can fix it.
    2. I also have the problem with the width of the slider – too short for the px width of the file – I thought downloading a current/updated version of the template would have these fixed – no such luck.
    3. My last query on the Helloclean (similar issues) problems have been sitting unanswered for a couple of days now – could we get some action please?

    The couple of days has now been almost TWO WEEKS!

    “Support” seems very selective – check the red dots, people have issues that go back ages – are you only selecting the easy questions?

    I had high hopes that Hello’s support would be at least professional – I wasn’t expecting instant answers but these forums are chock-full of ‘give us access to your server and we’ll fix the issue’ so consequently issues that we seem to be all having go unanswered and are fixed (maybe) privately leaving the rest of us in the dark.

    if the issues/fixes were publicly available most of us could fix these issues with a judicious application of common sense, but IMHO Aaron you’re becoming a mini-Microsoft – release it before it’s ready and tough luck for the client base.

    A very, very disappointed buyer.